About Me!

Hi  ( •ᴗ• )و ̑̑

  My name is Thao but you may know me as Leaf! I've always loved creating art since I was a young kid but never thought I would be good enough to make it into a career. I worked my way through many customer service jobs but was never truly happy at any of them. One day I decided to take my art career seriously and officially launched my business in late 2021. The amount of support and kindness I have received has been so overwhelming!! Much of my art is to express my love for anime and video games but my main focus is launching a product line featuring my three pets ♡

  It makes me so happy to know that people love my babies as much as I do! It truly means so much to me that I can brighten up your day with my little drawings. 

Thank you so much for your support and even just for browsing!




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